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Post a comment at the bottom of the entries whenever you want. Agree or disagree with the posts any way that gives an example of what you would say. This site is devoted to understanding everyday persuasive talk. How do we ask for what we want? What do we say when we are trying to get our way with something? Which words do we use when we really want something? When does politeness achieve desired results?

Examples are given across common persuasivetalk strategies:

(1) blunt talk, (2) direct request, (3) give a reason, (4) be polite, and (5) seek partnership.

From these examples, and examples you bring, we can share an understanding of the often delicate balance between persuasiveness and politeness.

- Poppenhusen


Religious or Spirutal not Religious

Cut back or even stop close surveillance

August 28, 2014 - One of the most polite direct requests I have ever seen regarding espionage with military fighter jets from one nation state invading the other nations sovereign air space. One English language translation of news media statement issued by the Chinese Minster of Defense uses the word reduce”. Another news media translation of his statement uses the word cut back”.

This event is significant in that it is about as far as a nation state defense department can go without the next step being econimic sanctions or the firing of a warning missile. From my perspective this persuasive request is similar to a parent saying to a child hey kids knock it off and go back to bed. This is similar to China saying to the USA, hey take your spying a little further offshore, a little bit of spying is OK but this is too much. See how our fighter jets swirl circles around your jets? Back up a little bit.

This message suggests something that might be useful to parents. Hey kids. Lower your voices just a little in the back seat of the car and maybe we will go out for a pancake breakfast together. You don't have to completly stop the yackety yak just tone it down a little. A compromise kids. You do something for me and I do something for you.This is significantly different than saying we will fire our weapons upon you next time. But it is close. It is significantly different than a parent saying to child stop it now or go to bed without any dinner.