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Post a comment at the bottom of the entries whenever you want. Agree or disagree with the posts any way that gives an example of what you would say. This site is devoted to understanding everyday persuasive talk. How do we ask for what we want? What do we say when we are trying to get our way with something? Which words do we use when we really want something? When does politeness achieve desired results?

Examples are given across common persuasivetalk strategies:

(1) blunt talk, (2) direct request, (3) give a reason, (4) be polite, and (5) seek partnership.

From these examples, and examples you bring, we can share an understanding of the often delicate balance between persuasiveness and politeness.

- Poppenhusen


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A polite man musses a womans hair for a purpose

Should the man in the video below be more polite to get what he wants . . . or is he OK to follow from behind.



How would be if every single person was polite with everything? What if the world become something like 24/7 ask and you shall receive. Could we ever reach the point of polite overload ?

Look at video of this guy in jail below. His idea is that you should always be able to ask as long as you ask nicely.